About Shipment:


We usually ship them through Express post: EMS, UPS, DHL,etc. The shipping cost based on weight and your location. Please make sure your shipping address is correct, after you payment 5-12 days, you can receive your goods.


For most of the countries, orders which are equal to or greater than 10pcs, FREE SHIPPING! (default shipping EMS) But orders which less than 10pcs, need to pay 20--30 usd addtional shipping cost. Shipping DHL ,need pay 20-50 usd, (not including Romote Area fee).


For the customs problems or other reasons:

1, If the package have problem in our country Customs, we will be responsible and will resend all orders for free, you do not need to pay again.
2, But if your package is held by your country Customs, you will need to contact the Customs of your country; you should call the customs and make sure how to release your goods from there. We will not be responsible in these cases; we can do nothing upon this. And your money will not be refunded. Because we do have shipped the orders in time and paid for the shipping charges.


Shipping cost(Zone Rates):

Zone 1 Country or area code:




Zone 1 shipping cost
<=0.5kg: 20 USD
<=1.0kg: 25 USD
<=1.5kg: 30 USD
<=2.0kg: 30 USD
<=2.5kg: 30 USD
<=3.0kg: 30 USD
<=3.5kg: 30 USD
<=4.0kg: 30 USD
<=4.5kg: 30 USD
More than 5kg (10 pcs jerseys) items: Free shipping!!!!


Zone 2 Country or area code:


Zone 2 shipping cost
<=0.5kg: 25 USD
<=1.0kg: 30 USD
<=1.5kg: 35 USD
<=2.0kg: 40 USD
<=2.5kg: 45 USD
<=3.0kg: 50 USD
<=3.5kg: 55 USD
<=4.0kg: 60 USD
<=4.5kg: 65 USD
More than 5kg (10 pcs jerseys) items: add 25% of Item's Total Amount.


Zone 3 Country or area code:
Other countries


Zone 3 shipping cost
<=0.5kg: 30 USD
<=1.0kg: 37 USD
<=1.5kg: 44 USD
<=2.0kg: 51 USD
<=2.5kg: 58 USD
<=3.0kg: 65 USD
<=3.5kg: 72 USD
<=4.0kg: 79 USD
<=4.5kg: 86 USD
More than 5kg (10 pcs jerseys) items: add 30% of Item's Total Amount.


    Express Company Tracking Sites:
    EMS: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html
    DHL: http://www.dhl.com/
    UPS: http://www.ups.com/
    TNT: http://www.tnt.com/